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I work as a machine learning engineer, I earned a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Physics from the Instituto Balseiro where I studied anomalies in cosmic rays for The Pierre Auger Observatory. Then I worked for 7 months at DESY for the Atlas Experiment at CERN, but I left because Academia was not for me.

I landed a job at Jampp solving the real time advertising problem with machine learning, I focus on operational improvements rather than data science, we run hundreds of models doing inference 24/7 for millons of requests. My job consists in building queries and developing tools for reporting, monitoring, data exploration & maintenance. My daily tech stack consists in: Airflow, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS Sagermaker, and plenty of python.

My physicist background helps me to understand mathematics behind algorithms and data analysis, and my experience provides me with tools to get models from ideas to production ready projects.

If you are interested, you can view my CV here.

Contact Information

You can contact me at evecoronel.com